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Thursday, November 27, 2014

T is for the Trek to The Bake

Cabin fever sets in during the winter months when motorcyclists can’t get out on their bikes. And, though Bakersfield is not normally a travel destination, from 2006-2008, it became the kick-off site for the California Sunblazers riding season -- The Trek to The Bake.

Beth, Laurie, & Virginia
Oregon club members Laurie and Beth would climb on their bikes around the last weekend in April and head south. Virigina would ride from Littlerock, California, and go past Bakersfield to meet Laurie and Beth on the road and escort them into town. One year, our members from Aguanga, Elaine and her Gene, joined us.

As with most events, we fell into traditional patterns. Friday we’d hold a reunion potluck. Good food, much reminiscing, games and laughter filled the evening. 
Sylvia, Debi, PattyB, & Trudy

There would be a day ride on Saturday. One year, to Porterville and the nearby iris farm. Another year, up the Kern River Canyon to Kernville, where they were having an arts and crafts fair. 

Perhaps the most stunning was our final year when we rode to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in Lancaster. Sunday morning was departure time for our Oregon amigas.

During the weekend, maps would be strewn over kitchen counters and on tables as we discussed summer plans, destinations, and routes. One morning Laurie, Beth, and Virginia traced the map and talked about their trip to Rapid City, SD. Beth would be going on to Kentucky to the WOW® Ride-In. It dawned on me that I could join them for a part of the way then break off on my own and head back to Coos Bay. Right then and there it was decided, and I was ready to ride.

As with all things, lives and priorities change, and the annual Trek to The Bake came to an end. But, on this Thanksgiving Day in 2014, I am grateful for the wonderful memories of our marvelous times, and for our deepened, enduring friendships.

~ xoA ~

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