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~ David Wagner
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

N is for Novice

Like anyone attempting to learn and perfect a life-endangering skill, the novice motorcyclist is, well, nervous. It’s not a good thing to be nervous and adrenalin-pumped when trying to control hundreds of pounds of machinery while maneuvering through tangled streets among much larger vehicles and inattentive drivers. But, we feel the nerves and fear and do it anyway, disregarding friends and family who think we are crazy. In time, the fear and nerves fade, cropping up only in dire situations.
First scooter (circa 1985)

As a novice rider, the most important factor in developing into a competent motorcyclist was my mentors. These fellow riders gave me valuable riding tips about cornering, safety gear, and riding in traffic. They answered my un-ending questions, encouraged me, and accompanied me on rides, all of which helped build my confidence.

Members of our motorcycling club, the California Sunblazers, prided ourselves on assisting new riders to become skillful and confident. We all remembered what it was like to have the thirst for motorcycling adventure and to shift from novice to biker.

The Rider

Cringing, teetering,
Timid, self-doubting, unskilled.
Silent screams flavor false bravado --
What am I doing here?

Just riding my ride --
Bold grace and joy in motion
Confident. Certain. Solid.
Soaring, beaming

Summer of 2014

~ xoA ~


  1. I like how the poem shows the transformation from beginner to expert. Too bad we can't all just skip that space in between :)

    1. Isn't that the truth, Mandy! Thanks for reading and commenting. xoA

  2. Oh, I love the poem! Like Mandy, I love the transformation into a confident rider enjoying the feeling of mastery. I also know very well the feeling of being a scared novice...and that was just on a little motor scooter, not hundreds of pounds of machine! I was gripping those handlebars for dear life the entire tour around the island of Rab in Croatia...but ironically, it was the most experienced of our group who slid in the gravel and fell!

    1. Glad you liked the poem, too. Thanks, Joan. Overconfidence will get them every time. xoA