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Friday, November 14, 2014

P is for Pocatello

One of Idaho's many beautiful waterfalls 

The summer of 1999, the year I retired from teaching, Big Red and I tore up the roads. For more than 10,000 miles, covering 21 states, it was a summer of riding and seeing this great land. Toward summer’s end, the Spud Rally in Pocatello, Idaho, came along to divert my attention from the fact that school was about to start.
“I don’t see any reason why we can’t go,” Judy said when I showed her the Wing World magazine containing the advertisement for this Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) event. “You’re retired.”

And, within a day or so, we had travel plans and reservations in place. Even with limited space in the trunk and saddlebag compartments, packing for two would be simple. Unhurried, we could stop for sight-seeing along the way.

This was our first time to attend the Spud Rally. But I’d seen photos and heard stories of other big Gold Wing gatherings so I expected hundreds of decked-out bikes and a huge number and variety of vendors peddling motorcycle gear. Both those expectations came true. Gazing at the motorcycles all over the fairgrounds, we marveled at the creativity and liberal use of lights and chrome and the customized paint jobs, many with stunning murals. We also shopped for items that would make our cycling adventures even more comfortable.

I changed out the windshield for a taller one that would better protect Judy from the wind current as she perched in her elevated passenger seat and had armrests installed for her. 

Air wings, like plastic paddles, were added to Big Red’s fairing, just below the handle bars. They would deflect the wind from my legs and arms, or direct it onto them, depending on how I positioned the blades. Judy bought a striking set of brown leathers -- chaps and a matching vest -- for warmth and protection. We were set to go anywhere. 

An unfamiliar, long-held tradition of this group became evident from reading the program and seeing posters and signs. They announced events such as meetings, a luncheon, and a dance for the “COY”. We wondered, what the heck is the COY? Finally, we asked someone and learned that “COY” stood for Couple of the Year. We knew we’d never become the COY in this organization. But we had a good laugh figuring out what we might be called.  I counted four other women riders, but we were the only two women riding two-up. However, we weren’t keen with the acronym for a Couple of Women.

The jaunt to Pocatello for the Spud Rally was an interesting experience, though a bit over-the-top for us. When we’d seen enough and had made all the purchases we wanted, it was time to head home. Idaho’s farmland scenery and eastern Oregon’s desert rolled by and gave way to the coastal forest lands on our quiet ride west. Just a couple of women and Big Red.

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  1. Cool story. We have stayed overnight there but no adventures to relate. to me it was just a city on the way to Montana. Pretty area. Thanks
    I like this line, “You’re retired.”

    1. I think you're right, "...just a city on the way..." That's what it was the last time I was there. Las Amigas were on our way home from Billings. Thanks for commenting, Terry. xoA