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Friday, November 21, 2014

R is for Ridin' the Rockies

Colorado Rockies [internet photo]

Living on the western edge of the United States, motorcyclists get to ride through some gorgeous country in our own neighborhoods. But, riding any distance to the east, we must traverse the magnificent Rocky Mountains. From Canada south to New Mexico, the Rockies inspire us and tantalize our senses.

Map from internet
Having motorcycled back and forth across the country six times, I’ve seen my share of the Rockies but have never gotten my fill. The towns of Colorado stand out -- Durango, Estes Park, Denver, and Aspen, to name a few. And, CaƱon City, the scene of the 1998 Women on Wheels® Ride-In. It was at that Ride-In that I overheard one of the Motorcycle Safety Instructors in our groups coaching a brand new rider: “Chin up, stay up, as you go around those curves.” This is a phrase that I now repeat often, sometimes aloud so I can hear it as well as think it.

Ten years later, Laurie, Virginia, and I rode through the Idaho and Canadian Rockies on our way to Michigan. As we pulled in for the evening at our motel in Coleman, Alberta, Canada, the view of the sun setting on the snow-topped mountains was breathtaking. Too soon the next day we rode out of that storybook setting and began two days of travel through flat farmland.

Beartooth [internet photo]
The Rockies of Idaho and Montana treated Judy and me to some glorious vistas and twisty roads on our trip to Glacier National Park one summer. I’d heard from a fellow motorcyclist about his trip across the Going to the Sun Road at Glacier and was eager to ride it. Though we met with a lot of rain on that trip, and it didn’t feel much like we were “going to the sun,” we still had a memorable time.

Virginia & Sylvia view the Grand Tetons 2013
Most recently, the 2013 summer ride to Billings, Montana, allowed the “four amigas,” Laurie, Virginia, Sylvia and me, the pleasure once again of the Grand Tetons, Beartooth, and Yellowstone. 

Majestic in stature, fascinating to look at, and riveting to ride, I never tire of the Rockies.

~ xoA ~


  1. Annis, what gorgeous photos! I can see why you never tire of the Rockies! I haven't seen as much of the Rockies as I would like, and they are definitely on the list of future travel plans here in the U.S. Rob and I did enjoy a trip through the Four Corners region that included a stay in Durango, which we loved. On our trip to the Canadian Rockies, we had planned to dip down to Glacier National Park, but ended up a bit too "traveled out" to make it. I bet seeing it from a motorcycle provided you with amazing sights!

    1. Thanks, Joan. The photos are stunning, but only one is mine. I should have noted that. But, as you can see, this is an area of our great country that you don't want to miss! xoA

  2. I know that I will never choose to live in the Rockies again but i sense a primal pull whenever I go back to Montana. Those mountains are in my soul, if not my choices. Yes, the photos are wonderful. TR

  3. I bet traversing the mountains on a motorcycle has its own unique challenges. But I bet it's more rewarding seeing that view without a windshield between you and the world.