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~ David Wagner
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Wait?

One month to go in 2011. One month to get done what we’ve wanted to accomplish this year, to tie up loose ends. Or, one month to make a good start on something that remains on our “lists.”

This week I met a new woman in the dressing room after yoga class at Body XChange Fitness Spa. She was asking about different classes that are offered. Having spent this year working on my goal of keeping fit and maintaining my 35-lb. weight loss, I could tell her about the variety of classes in which I’d participated.

She had joined last week, right before Thanksgiving, and told me, “I need to do something, and I’m not waiting until the first of the year and New Year’s resolutions. I’m starting now.”

As I reflected on our conversation, I realized that many people normally think about starting something at a beginning mark like January 1st or Monday morning or the first day of the new month. What that does for me is to prolong the limbo period -- the in-between time. I am thinking about an action I want or need to take, but I haven’t committed to it yet. It’s a nagging, uncomfortable time in which I am treading water-- or I’m in denial.

I’m better off getting going on it. Like that afternoon I got up off the couch, put on my sneakers, and went for a walk after hearing Dr. Oz talk about the effects of Type 2 diabetes. That 45-minute walk was the start of my journey toward better health. Waiting wasn’t an option.

What’s still on your 2011 “to do” list? There’s one month left in this year. Why wait?


  1. I just love the conversation after the conversation that goes on in my head. Some of my best ideas are sparked from those 'reflections'. As for me, what's not on my list? I know or rather have learned that as long as I do one thing (for me) small or large daily I am going to be ok.
    I was just talking about this exact subject to a friend. We realized we had not done one hike this year with our local hiking group. To right this wrong we decided to join up this weekend before the year is over! Interesting how this is a common thought that comes along this time of year!
    I like the idea of 'tying up loose ends'. That's a great way to view the passing of one year & starting a new one.
    As always your Blog serves as food for thought... or should I say action!
    Patty B

  2. At my age, soon to be 71, waiting to start anything is just wasting another precious day. I'd better go find my list and get started.

  3. Hi Annis,
    "Now" is the only time in my vocabulary. As is often said "tomorrow may never come".....putting things off due to any variety of reasons is just another excuse. Thankyou
    be good to yourself

  4. Like you, "I'm better off getting going on it." I'm better off because I know how good I feel when I accomplish a goal I've set. Despite the excuses I can find for not doing something, I know it's never anyone else's fault that I am not accomplishing the goals I know I want to accomplish. So, I make a choice: "get going" or get miserable.

    Thanks for sharing this insight, Annis.

  5. Good for you, PattyB! I like the idea of doing something for yourself each day. And, good for you for getting out with your hiking group. Thanks for your kind words. ~xoA

  6. Go, Golfer 29! Each day IS precious. ~xoA

  7. Hi David ~ Thanks for your comment. I like that "now" being the only time in your vocabulary. ~xoA

  8. Hey, Dennis. I know the "get miserable" thing, too. It got me up early this morning. Thanks for sharing what you've found to be true for you! ~xoA

  9. Annis, this fits right in with a conversation I had with one of my best friends this week about how we find our passions (or rediscover them) at mid-life and beyond. There's a sense that we shouldn't wait for something to pop up and get our attention. And we talked about needing to be open (to conversations with people around us, to reaching out and asking others what they think or know), about breaking down barriers to whatever is right in front of us. And one of those barriers is the thought that New Year's Day is the start for a new life. You are so right - it's now. Right now. My list? Doing more photography and more sharing of whatever I have.

  10. Kathleen ~ I agree with your and your friend's conclusions. I've learned that being open is huge, open to new ideas and to being willing to try. I can't wait-- to later regret the loss of what I hadn't even attempted. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring photos. ~xoA