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~ David Wagner
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Zee Wrap

Key West, FL

Twenty-six posts in 13 weeks. That’ll keep a blogger busy. The same goes for readers and followers. A writer writes for others as well as for herself.  So hearing from readers and fellow writers told me that my goal of reaching other people was being met. Some folks commented on the blog; others emailed me privately. Of no surprise, the post that garnered the most feedback was “I is for Intercourse.”  Most often, responders said, “You really got my attention with that title.”

At meetings, on the phone, or when we’d randomly bump into each other, people would let me know they were traveling with me.

Ketchikan, Alaska
My sincere thanks to you who stuck with me on this challenge, reading along and sharing your memories and experiences and encouraging me in my quest to become a better writer.

And thanks to Judy. She is the photographer who took many of the pictures and often dove into the archives on her external hard drive to retrieve just the photo I needed.

Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC
A to Z, I had some difficult choices to make: San Antonio, Sydney, Savannah or Skagway? Columbus, Chapel Hill, Cusco, or Charleston? Michigan, Machu Picchu, Maui, or Mexico City? And, I forgot all about Ann Arbor until I was on to H.

The Urubamba at Aguas Calientes
The delicious thing was that I revisited many meaningful places and relived long-ago memories. I heard the cacophony of the Urubama River, in the village where we stayed on our way to Machu Picchu. I suffered the queasy knees of those first steps out on the Sidney Bridge.  I felt the comfort of family and childhood days in Columbus and Detroit.  As Anaїs Nin said, I “tasted life twice. 

For me, it was a marvelous journey -- again. Which was your favorite stop?

 ~ xoA ~


  1. Congrats of finishing your A-Z Challenge! I don't know if I had a specific favorite, but I did enjoy the stories of trip 'challenges'. I remember the hoarder's bed and breakfast and the post about the rising river. Through your memories I enjoyed traveling to far away and exotic places and learning more about your childhood.

    Since you already have ideas for several of the letters, maybe we should go for another A-Z Challenge next fall - at least you'll be prepared. :)

    1. Thanks, Joan. Though time-consuming, it was fun to review all those miles, memories, and places. As for next year? We'll see. xoA

  2. Congratulations on finishing! I know it isn't easy! Keep up the great work in 2014! Happy New Year!