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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Dinner Leftovers

Our blended family -- parents, adult children, siblings, spouses, and friends -- came together in Los Angeles to enjoy each other as well as a fabulous Christmas dinner.  The variety of delectable foods reflected our traditions, our desires, and our dietary requirements. And, the common ingredient was love. 

After the initial “oohs” and squeals of delight during the plate-fixing conversations, came the silence of first bites.  Then the string of kudos to the chefs commenced:  The turkey was so tender, the fish stew so flavorsome, the mac and cheese so yummy, the chard so tasty. We were happy.

As the evening began to wind down with dessert, I looked across the room and noticed the children gathered around the table.  There they were, Amina and Juan, Asila and David, Aaron and Miriam, engaged in quiet conversation.  It was a heartwarming sight that compelled me to point it out to their friend with whom I was sitting.  “Look at that,” I said.  “That’s what Christmas is all about.” 

The day after Christmas, we departed early for the drive home, but the kids gathered again for leftovers. Everyone knows that the leftovers are flavorful and just as good as, if not better than, the first day.
I’m visualizing these extraordinary young people around the table -- family -- talking about their goals for the new year, laughing with each other, and enjoying the food and their time together.  That’s the delicious leftover for me.

What Christmas 'leftover' delights you?

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  1. I was there and every word is true. It was truly a delight