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~ David Wagner
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~ Annis Cassells ~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrating Siblings

Brothers and sisters share a history like no one else on the planet.  They fought against us and stood up for us.  They kept our secrets and told on us.  They wanted us around when they wanted us around and told us to scram when they didn’t.  They knew what would make us laugh and what would make us cry. We understood each other best.

Now, when we get together as adults, it’s fun and illuminating to see who remembers “the time when…” and how different each of our memories about the same incident may be.  Given the perspective of time and experience, we can laugh at those times that seemed awful in our young eyes.
Easter 1957
I want to salute and thank my brother Tom and sister Reenié as I reflect on our lifetime of love, respect, and support for each other.  Even though we are scattered across the United States and it’s sometimes too long until we’re all together again, the distance in miles does not translate to distance in our hearts.  There’s no one in the world like these fine and honorable people.  And, to quote my sis, “I am so lucky the stork took me to the right house.”

You're invited to leave a tribute to your sibling(s) in the comment box.


  1. What a sweet article. I thought I had rounded up all of those pictures from the past. Where did you find that one? When we were growing up it was ALWAYS us against our parents. What happened to that? I will always be thankful that I ended up at the right house. I love you very much. Nay

  2. Great picture, Annis! One of the great joys in my life is being connected again with my sister, Susie. We are only 15 months apart in age and were very close growing up. Our young adulthood years took a toll on our relationship, though, and we became distant from each other. After my partner died, Susie started calling me a couple times a month. "Just to chat," she said, but I knew she was checking up on me and I will forever be grateful for that. Today, we are just as close as we were as kids. I am truly blessed!

  3. Having recently returned from a family reunion with my sibs, it's fresh in my mind how much my brothers and sister mean to me and how much love we have for each other.