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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Save Some Time for You

That time of the year is fast approaching.  We have way too many items on our “to do” lists and too little time.  Besides, it’s cold and gloomy outside, and the days are getting shorter. 

In order to get from Point A to Point B, we have to keep going.  There’s no way around it.  And, as we look forward to the holiday season, we bring in more and more “Point B’s” – places we have to get to, things we need to do.  Sometimes those crowd our usual habits and routines and eat up the time we’ve set aside for ourselves.

I remember a young friend from college days who dubbed her mother-in-law “Wonder Woman.”  It seems this lady was everywhere, doing everything -- and perfectly.  When my friend tried to emulate Mrs. S, she was always frazzled and felt like she was on the brink of disaster.  She had no down time. After her children were born, my friend realized she had to let that go of the idea of being Wonder Woman Jr. so she could dedicate time to take better care of herself.

A little quiet time
When additional stressors show up in our lives, we must carve out some precious time for ourselves and for the activities that relieve stress for us.  Maybe it’s time alone or a cup of tea with a friend.  Maybe it’s a walk in the park or a workout at the gym.  Whatever it is, for our own health and well-being, we must let nothing encroach on that time.  We must keep doing those things that buoy us up.

We might look to see how errands or other trips outside of home can be combined.  Plot our route before leaving the house, and take all of our coupons, lists, or paperwork with us.  This will save time, gasoline, and money and allow us to gather some “me time” during the day.

Delegating duties to other family members or allowing friends to help are good ways to free up some time.  When someone asks, “What can I bring?” or "How can I help?" be ready with an answer. Let them  stop at the cleaners or the grocery store, make a salad, or bring their favorite holiday side dish.  Most people really want to help if they knew what was needed.  We really don’t have to do it all.
How can you build in some time, just for you, during this busy holiday season?

~ xoA ~


  1. Perfect timing! This is a something that I need to remember. (I think I should stop volunteering!) LOL

  2. You know, Kate, we all need this reminder every now and then. It's something we eventually learn, but then we forget until our memories are jogged. Sometimes I have to tell myself to step back. Thank you for writing. ~xoA