Daymaker - a person who performs acts of kindness with the intention of making the world a better place.
~ David Wagner
, author of Life as a Daymaker; how to change the world by making someone's day ~

DayMaker - any thought, word, or deed that spreads happiness, compassion, or fruitful ideas.
~ Annis Cassells ~

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making Goals become Reality

Just like people, goals come in all sizes and flavors:  Personal, career, fitness, educational, spiritual, financial, and Olympic.   Bite-sized, baby-step goals, accomplished one after another, put us that much closer to our larger goal.

Taking stock of ourselves and looking toward where we want to be,
we visualize ourselves reaching that goal.  Next, we figure out the necessary steps for accomplishment.  Then, at each benchmark, we feel proud of our achievement and take the next step on our way to making our goal.

A mentor, trainer, friend, teammate, or coach can help us get there.  We need to seek out and find those who we can count on for support as we work toward our goals.  Those individuals are positive influences for success.  Why?  Because the likelihood of completing our goals increases hugely when we include others in our plans. 

If we:

  • Just hear an idea, it’s 10%

  • Consciously decide to adopt an idea - 25%

  • Decide when we will do it - 40%

  • Plan how we will do it - 50%

  • Commit to someone else that we’ll do it - 65%

  • And, when we have a specific accountability appointment with the person to whom we have committed, there’s a 95% chance that we will actually complete the goal.

Our job is to keep pushing toward our goals – whatever they may be.  What does it take?  Determination, vision, persistence, guts, and dedication – to our dream, our goal, and committing out loud to another person for accountability.

Set yourself up for making your goals become reality. Each step, no matter how small, gets you closer. Yes, even baby steps count. Now, what goal are you dreaming up?

~ xoA ~


  1. Great post. When I toyed with the idea of retiring I wasn't certain I could enjoy "not having anything to do". Ha! Once I set goals for myself I was totally comfortable with retiring and have enjoyed every minute!

  2. I love it! Keeping your goal in mind led to more happiness. Congratulations, Kate! xoA