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Sunday, February 6, 2011

In the Moment

Be fully present in the moment.  This can be a tall order as we go mindlessly through our daily routines. We may drive on auto pilot and wonder how we got to our destination. We think about and solve the world’s problems while doing dishes, vacuuming or folding clothes. Sometimes we daydream as our loved ones tell us about their day.

One thing I’ve discovered while vacationing in Hawaii is a sure-fire way to stay focused in the present. Take a hike! 

I told my friend Sandi O., who said, “I don’t know why anyone would want to HIKE!” that hiking, in addition to being great exercise, is a wonderful way to be a part of nature. Unimaginably beautiful views await the hiker. “It’s fun!” I said with conviction.

Now I would add that hiking keeps me in the here and now. Realizing that one false move could be disastrous, I scan the trail a little ahead and then concentrate on each step between me and there. I look for the easiest way to traverse a rocky or root-filled path and notice gravel and slippery spots that I’ll want to avoid. No other thoughts intrude; there is no daydreaming. My motivation is staying upright and safe, and I am fully in the present moment. 

In two days here on Kaua’I, Judy and I have done two challenging hikes, the Sleeping Giant and the Pihea Trail in Koke’e State Park. 

In addition to feeling the pride of accomplishment and experiencing these amazing natural settings, I recognize that staying in the moment is something I need to do more regularly.

How do you stay present in the moment? I’d love for you to share how you do this.


  1. Thanks for the great post! Makes me want to go out in nature and take a hike! I used to spend so much time in reliving past experiences and worrying about what the future held that I missed experiencing the moment. Now I focus on right here, right now, and I experience so much more joy and feel so alive! Taking a deep breath and slowing down a little made all the difference foe me!

  2. So well expressed....and what a perfect place to experience it. Being in nature, with its unfolding wonders and delights, always strikes me as a kind of 'moving meditation', combined with the heightened sense of the here and now. It looks like the bottom photo is at one of my favorite places--the rim of the Kalalau valley. I can still remember hearing the cacophony of jungle birds as I walked away from the rim, closer to the dense brush, and then the sounds fading as I approached the rim and gazed at the valley stretching to the sea, and felt and heard the roar of the wind as it rushed up the steep valley walls!

  3. Oh Annis, you make me think!! (You have always made me think... :-) What a dear friend you are.

  4. Annis, you are so right. Hiking is one of those activities that keeps you fully in the present. I am starting every day on this wonderful trip with morning yoga, and that is another activity that keeps you in the moment.

  5. Hi Annis,

    Wow, that picture of Judy going straight up the hill looks challenging!

    What a great reminder about staying in the present moment. It's a steep learning curve for me, but what tends to work best for me is grounding through the senses. So, I might take a deep breath, or touch a cool object, look at the intricacy of the leaves on the trees out my window, listen to the gentle rush of the breeze or the birds having a conversation amongst themselves . . . and there's nothing like something good in the oven to get your nose in the present moment!

    Thanks for this wonderful reminder!

  6. I'm (slowly) learning to be in the moment, even in traffic. Instead of getting irritable about what is or isn't going on right in front of me, I take a moment to enjoy the fact that the sun is shining. Instead of wishing I had made that light I give thanks for the blessings of life and love. I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy! I'll get where I'm going and I would much rather get there calm and relaxed than frantic and hassled.

  7. Hi Annis, Practicing on "posting". I love your blogs and need help posting. xo, Marilyn

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Marilyn. I've heard from others that they have trouble posting a comment. Will see what I can do to help. xoA